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 Red Light Therapy

There are over 5000 clinical scientific studies that show the efficiency of red light therapy.  Red Light Therapy can help you lose weight, gain muscle, speed recovery, help heal wounds, reduce wrinkles, regrow hair, boost skin collagen and elasticity, improve cognitive ability and be protective of various neurogenerative diseases.


Red light therapy is promoted as a treatment for some common skin conditions.  It reverses signs of aging by increasing collagen, minimizes pores, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, scars, cellulite & acne. It can also diminish the appearance of cellulite and reduce stretch marks. The effects of red light kills acne bacteria & evens out skin tone and texture improving skin's overall appearance over your entire body. 


It can also possibly help: 


  • Improve sleep

  • Improve hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia

  • Improve facial texture

  • Improve psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema

  • Improve sun-damaged skin

  • Improving immune function 

  • Improving autoimmune disease

  • Improving brain health 

  • Osteo arthritis 

  • Oral health 

  • Cancer side effects 


Red light therapy provides relief from pain and discomfort without side effects from pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. Relieves chronic and acute pain including muscles, joints, arthritis, tissue and nerve damage. Used by professional athletes to promote injury recovery with powerful results. 


It triggers the body's own defenses by stimulating white blood cells to repair damaged tissue and aids in faster healing. Scientifically proven by NASA for wound healing and approved by FDA.  

With the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, red light therapy can play a part in reducing the huge opioid epidemic.

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